Be a Streamfluencer Now!

Do you know that live streamers in China is earning $46 million dollars by selling dresses?

There’s more than one way to earn from live streaming, and having to try so hard to earn from gifts is not the only way.

More Ways to Earn from Live Streaming

Imagine partnering up with a product, selling them only and get a commission while building up your followings. Here are some ways that a streamer can benefit on Peeqr:

  • Gifting and Donations
  • Commissions on sales
  • Sponsorships from brands

Becoming a Streamfluencer

At Peeqr, we are looking at budding personalities to be part of the community. As a partner streamer, or a streamfluencer, we will give you support in several ways:

  1. Show Formatting, Getting the Best Flow and Content
    With our savvy team of scriptwriters and show directors, we will help you refine your contents. No matter if you are a makeup artist or a dance group, we’ve got you covered!
  2. We Feature YOU!
    We will feature your work and your personalities in our marketing materials! Even pushing notifications through the app to let people know you are live.
  3. Connecting Brands with you
    Let us bring the right brands to you! If you are a makeup artist, we’ll find the makeup product brand, if you are a singer, we’ll link you up with professional musicians and pubs.
  4. Edit Your Shows
    We will professionally edit selected shows you’ve created for you to share on your social media, giving you even more tools to market!

So… What Now?

Simple, just drop us an email with your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) so we can understand your strength and presence. Look for us at

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